With a development studies PhD and 15 years of experience consulting in international development, I have successfully accomplished over 40 assignments. Highlights include:

Seven assignments with UNDP. These range from relatively technical work such as researching and writing a Synthesis Report at the conclusion of the UN COVID-19 MPTF in Indonesia (2021) and editing Sierra Leone’s National Human Development Report (2019), to producing more accessible publications including Sierra Leone’s Annual Report (2018) and Indonesia’s Illustrated Results Report (2017). In 2023 I concluded a 220-day contract with UNDP Pacific Office working on the UN Pacific Regional Anti-Corruption project (UN-PRAC).

Six assignments with GIZ Indonesia. These include producing portfolio ‘marketing’ material (2021) and advocacy and visibility publications concerning South-South and Triangular Cooperation (2019), the Business Hub project management office (2018), competition policy law (2017), national public health insurance (2017), and off-grid electrification (2016).

Seven assignments with the EU. For five years I researched and wrote the ‘Blue Book’ annual, the flagship digest of EU development cooperation action in Indonesia (2013-2017), and I subsequently led the Jakarta-based EU-ASEAN communications and visibility team (2019-2020).

Six assignments with UNICEF. Some of my earlier independent work included researching and writing a Good Practice study of pandemic preparedness programming, and developing a Knowledge Management strategy in Indonesia (2009-2010). More recently I edited a technical report examining the expansion of Mongolian social protection programmes in response to COVID-19 (2021) and since 2023 I have worked as an editor for the Indonesia country office.

Four assignments with The Asia Foundation. These include producing Synthesis, Good Practice and Theory of Change reports for the DFAT-funded Peduli (‘Care’) programme (2016) and visibility and advocacy material for the DFID-funded SETAPAK land use programme (2015).

Predominantly my work  involves producing text for print or online distribution, but I am also competent in writing and producing video, audio, online, multimedia and social media, and have extensive experience in internal and external communications for advocacy, visibility, knowledge sharing and reporting. Aside from accuracy, accessibility and clarity, my professional satisfaction hinges on understanding, analysing and articulating complex situations, and finishing the job well.

A more complete list of assignments includes:

UNDP Turkey: Editor (February 2024 – )
UNDP’s Istanbul Regional Hub required a copy editor to finalise a formal 17,000-word report to the Turkish government covering programme work in Europe and Central Asia in 2023. As well as copy editing, tasks involved critical reading, fact checking, creating an abbreviations list, and fomatting the document.

The Prosecution of Corruption - coverUNDP Pacific Office: Public reporting and Right to Information consultant (Dec 2021 – August 2023)
This 18-month 220-day contract involved providing communications support to assist governments and civil society  to strengthen public institutions, build inclusive participation, fight corruption and promote transparency and accountability in support of the 2030 Agenda and SDG 16. In addition to producing speeches, press releases and social media content, and concepts, agendas and presentations for over 100 online, in-person and hybrid advocacy and knowledge sharing events, I edited five anti-corruption guides totalling 95,000 words aimed at specialist financial crime practitioners and worked on internal and donor reports for UKAID and New Zealand MFAT. download

AFD DFI coverAgence Française de Développement: Principal investigator and co-author (February to October 2023)
This role involved conceptualising, researching and writing a 25,000-word paper addressing the future of Development Finance Institutions, which invest $90 billion annually to support under-financed private sector projects across the world. It involved an academic literature review, developing a conceptual framework, and identifying 30 high-level respondents and conducting virtual interviews with them. Subsequently, a small team was recruited to produce transcriptions, which were analysed to determine strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Finally, in collaboration with a co-author a set of recommendations was developed  to guide the sector into the next decade.

UNICEF Indonesia: Editor and proofreader (January 2023 – )
This  retainer contract involves editing and proofreading internal and donor reports to ensure accuracy, accessibility, readability and conformity with UNICEF’s style guide. Reports cross a wide range of topics including child health, child protection, education, nutrition and vaccine delivery.

UN Department of Operational Support: Copy editor (Nov 2021)
The UNOPS REACT facility required a copy editor for the new 50,000-word ‘Waste Management Handbook for Peacekeeping and Special Political Field Missions’. To a tight deadline, and to the exacting standards required of a definitive UN reference publication, the accessibility, clarity and consistency of the language was improved, and a new scheme for graphic design proposed, tested and  implemented. download

UNDP Libya: Creative writer (April – Aug 2021)
At the conclusion of the first phase of the three-year, EU-funded ‘Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery’ project, UNDP Libya required a 7,000-word brochure, three short leaflets and a six-minute video to enhance UNDP and EU visibility. Primary sources included internal technical reports, previously published video material, and input from UNDP specialists.

UNDP Indonesia: Synthesis report author (March – June 2021)
The UN COVID-19 MPTF required a synthesis report which documented, analysed and amplified the outputs and results of 42 joint programme (UNDP, UNICEF, UN Women and UN WFP) activities in Indonesia, examining the coherence and collaboration of joint implementation, and providing observations, analysis and recommendations for future programming. download

UNICEF Mongolia: Technical editor (April – May 2021)
This assignment involved editing a 30,000-word technical report examining the expansion of the social protection response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Mongolia. Working remotely with UNICEF specialists, the report was shortened, re-ordered and re-written to provide a more structured and coherent document that enabled non-specialists to understand and respond to the main findings.  Summary Report

GIZ Indonesia: Editor (Feb – March 2021)
A sixth assignment for GIZ involved developing and finalising seven high-level portfolio documents summarising its engagement in Indonesia and the ASEAN region. With a tight schedule, the role required editing 8,500 words to assure accuracy, accessibility, consistency and compliance with GIZ guidelines. Merged publications (2.69MB)

EU Mission to ASEAN: Team Leader, Visibility and Communications expert (Nov 2019 – Nov 2020)
Aimed at enhancing awareness of the EU as a cooperation partner in the ASEAN region and increasing knowledge of EU development programmes and their impacts, this role involved leading a four-person team and managing specialist external contractors to design and implement a long-term strategic communications plan involving print, online, video and social media products, internal and external events, and increased media outreach and mobilisation. Summary of activities

UNOPS/Stop TB Partnership: Writer and editor (Aug 2019 onwards )
This three-year framework contract (IICA-2/ICS-10) supports the UNOPS-hosted Stop TB Partnership in increasing global awareness, influencing the political agenda, and amplifying the voices of those affected by TB. Activities of the Advocacy, Communications and Design team include digital, online and social media projects and campaigns, press engagement, and managing events and partner relations.

UNDP Sierra Leone: Editor  (July – Sept 2019)
UNDP Sierra Leone required an editor to finalise the 60,000-word 2019 National Human Development Report ‘Building Resilience for Sustainable Development’. As well as technical copy-editing for readability, consistency and compliance, the assignment involved developing the clarity and coherence of the core themes, graphics and statistical tables, and identifying and filling knowledge gaps. download

GIZ Indonesia: Communications specialist (July 2018 – Feb 2019)
A fifth extensive assignment for GIZ involved developing a set of communications assets detailing the achievements and lessons learned of Indonesia’s enhanced involvement in a range of South-South and Triangular (SSTC) co-operation initiatives, and the benefits that result for the country and the international community. Joint Germany-Indonesia programme activities and results related to Indonesia’s increased engagement in networks for global governance such as the G20 were also addressed, along with those focused on developing multi-stakeholder partnerships to mainstream the SDGs into national policies. Responsibilities included a wide-ranging review of global SSTC activities, detailed drafting in a politically complex environment, and developing graphic design concepts. download

GIZ Indonesia: Communications specialist (Nov – Dec 2018)
A fourth extensive assignment for GIZ involved developing a set of communications assets detailing the activities and benefits of GIZ’s Business Hub, a project management office dedicated to engaging the private sector in sustainable development partnerships. In addition to an attractive and accessible overview, five detailed factsheets were provided outlining the activities and benefits of Business Hub projects in domains that ranged from agriculture and fisheries to trade facilitation. Brochure

UNDP Sierra Leone: Editorial and production consultant (Feb – June 2018)
UNDP Sierra Leone required specialist support to develop and deliver the 2017 Annual Report. Responsibilities included a literature review, co-ordination with staff, researching, writing and editing an approximately 40-page text, sourcing photographs, charts and graphs, and liaising with a graphic designer to produce a print-ready publication fully compliant with UNDP guidelines. link

GIZ Indonesia: Communications specialist (Aug – Sept 2017)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) required a booklet illustrating the benefits to low-income consumers and SMEs of Competition Policy Law in Indonesia, and how Indonesia is leading the way in this field in the ASEAN region. The brief included assessing the performance of the national authority, the KPPU. download

ASEAN Centre for Energy: Copy editor (Aug 2017)
This assignment involved copy-editing and proof-reading The 5th ASEAN Energy Outlook, an authoritative 35,000-word publication which complements and supplements the outcome-based strategies of the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) 2016-2025. download

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2017 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (Feb – May 2017) For the fifth consecutive year I was engaged to write and edit the EU’s flagship publication in Indonesia, along with a separate ASEAN-focused publication. link | download

GIZ Indonesia: Communications specialist (Feb 2017)
GIZ required a booklet illustrating the human benefits of Indonesia’s revised public health insurance scheme, Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN). The work focused on mental health issues and poor people living with schizophrenia, a complex chronic condition, in Yogyakarta.

UNDP: International report writer (Nov 2016 – Feb 2017)
This assignment involved researching and writing UNDP’s 2014-2016 Illustrated Results Report for Indonesia. The requirement was for a narrative document, approximately 15,000-words long, which focuses rigorously on project results – how activities have positively affected beneficiaries – whilst providing depth in a number of case study and thematic boxes. The major themes include partnerships, innovation and scaling up, which complement UNDP’s work in poverty reduction and social protection, climate change, natural resources and resilience, and democracy, access to justice and building accountable institutions. The report is to be used for outreach, advocacy and visibility. download

GIZ Indonesia: Communications specialist (Nov – Dec 2016)
GIZ required a set of accessible human interest stories focusing on the Energising Development (EnDev) Partnership, which is providing off-grid electricity to over 172,000 people and small businesses in remote communities using micro-hydro power (MHP) and photovoltaic (PV) systems. As well as developing the concept of the collateral and producing it, the assignment involved travelling to the field, interviewing beneficiaries and equipment manufacturers, and directing photography. download

The Asia Foundation: Proposal editor (October 2016)
This third consultancy for the US$16.6 million Peduli program, which supports marginalised groups in Indonesia, involved contributing to the writing and copy-editing of a formal two-year $13 million Phase 2 proposal to DFAT. A precisely defined standalone document was required that described the intervention and outlined the logic that linked it with end-of-investment outcomes.

The Asia Foundation: Researcher and author (July – Sept 2016)
This second consultancy for the DFAT-funded Peduli program involved producing a 12,500-word paper setting emerging evidence on economic inclusion in Indonesia in a theoretical framework with the aim of determining good practice. Focusing on disability, transgender groups and vulnerable children, the work required researching and writing a conceptual overview, synthesizing two workshop reports, and developing an analysis of how good practices can be identified, encouraged and replicated.

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Author and editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2016 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (Feb – May 2016)
For the fourth consecutive year I was engaged to research and write the EU’s flagship publication in Indonesia. In 2016, the role also involved producing a separate ASEAN-focused publication. linkdownload

The Asia Foundation: Academic editor (Jan – March 2016)
This assignment involved reworking a 22,000-word technical study that analyses the formational elements of the US$16.6 million DFAT-funded Peduli programme in Indonesia. The programme promotes social inclusion as a pathway out of poverty and is directed at six socially excluded groups: vulnerable children and youth, remote indigenous communities, discriminated religious minorities, victims of gross human rights violations, transgender communities, and people with disabilities. download

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization: Senior editor (Aug – Sept 2015)
This consultancy involved producing a 35,000-word book celebrating the 50th anniversary of SEAMEO, the oldest chartered inter-governmental organization in Southeast Asia. Responsibilities included standardising material contributed by SEAMEO’s six centres in Indonesia, designing a questionnaire to capture testimonies from 40 beneficiaries, and producing a design brief.

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Author and editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2015 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (Feb – May 2015)
For the third consecutive year I was engaged to research and write the EU’s flagship publication in Indonesia. link | download

The Asia Foundation: Communications consultant (Nov 2014 – April 2015)
This role involved producing a suite of public-facing material for the 44-month £7.6 million SETAPAK programme which addressed NGO initiatives concerning the political economy of Land Use Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) in Indonesia. Responsibilities included researching, drafting and finalising a range of academic papers, ‘success stories’ and briefing papers, along with a booklet detailing the programme’s objectives, priorities, activities and achievements.

SNV/Forest Carbon: Communications consultant (Nov – Dec 2014)
This consultancy involved supporting the production of two technical reports and second phase proposals to the Global Green Growth Institute on emission reduction initiatives in Murung Raya and Pulang Pisau districts in Central Kalimantan. The work centred on developing, justifying and communicating a vision and a strategy which positions REDD+ as a foundational component in a Green Growth approach that integrates normative economic objectives with environmental goals such as sustainability and energy security.

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Author and editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2014 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (Feb – May 2014) link | download

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Author and editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2013 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (Feb – May 2013) link | download

UNICEF Bhutan: Editor 2012 Bhutan Situation Analysis (December 2012)

Edelman Indonesia/EEAS: Copy editor EU ‘Blue Book’ 2012 European Union cooperation activities in Indonesia (May 2012) link | download

STEPS Centre Pandemics working paperESRC STEPS Centre: Pandemic H1N1 researcher and author (Nov 2011 – Nov 2012)
This role involved scoping, researching and writing an academic paper examining the global 2009-10 H1N1 pandemic influenza response. Drawing on 33 interviews and conversations with key officials and observers, the paper develops and extends STEPS Centre research into H5N1 influenza and other zoonoses and epidemics, adopting a political economy perspective to investigate the mixes of uncertainty, science and society involved in developing effective and equitable responses to pandemic influenza in an age of high public reflexivity and intensive mass media. download

PhD thesis production (Nov 2010 – Nov 2011)

Agence Française de Développement: HPAI research manager and author (April – July 2010)
Focusing on national and international responses to highly pathogenic avian influenza in Indonesia, this project had three main objectives: policy analysis and evaluation, informing decision making, and facilitating policy dialogue. As well as researching and co-authoring an academic paper, responsibilities included recruiting and inducting six field researchers, developing interview and reporting protocols with them, and supervising and refining their outputs though a series of workshops in Jakarta. Dissemination strategy included a conference series in Indonesia.

UNICEF Programme Experiences in IndonesiaUNICEF Indonesia: Editor and producer –  Programme Experiences in Indonesia – Good Practice, Innovations, From The Field and Lessons Learned, May 2010 (Feb – March 2010) download
This consultancy involved researching, writing and editing 24 Good Practice and related reports in standard formats, and the production of an advocacy document. Responsibilities also included providing design concepts, introductory rubrics, images and image sources, and print production budgets.

UNICEF Indonesia: Knowledge Management (KM) strategy development (Oct – Dec 2009)
This consultancy involved the creation and promotion of a Knowledge Management (KM) strategy for UNICEF Indonesia. It included a publication review concerning KM generally, and KM within UN and related organisations, and within UNICEF at global, regional and country office levels. In Jakarta, a working group was convened and interviews were conducted with staff in the country office and regional field offices. A KM strategy (‘K-MAP’), background justifications, and an assessment of the requirements and implications for implementation were presented to senior management.

UNICEF Indonesia: Avian Influenza & Pandemic Preparedness Good Practice study (Jan – April 2009)
This consultancy involved an evaluation exercise setting UNICEF’s avian influenza and pandemic preparedness programmes in Indonesia against UNICEF’s Good Practice (and related) criteria and formats. Launched in mid-2006, these programmes focused on communications and social mobilisation. A series of Good Practice reports were subsequently produced, to be used as models in Indonesia and globally, together with a presentation and documentation concerning Recommendations for Developing Programmes and Guidelines for Future Planning.

PhD fieldwork in Indonesia (Nov 2008 – Nov 2010)

UN FAO PPLPI Researcher and author (Oct 2007 – Oct 2008)
Under FAO’s DFID-funded Pro-poor Livestock Policy Initiative this consultancy had four main elements. The first involved coordinating and executing over 60 interviews in Rome, Geneva, Brussels, New York and Washington with officials and organisations involved in the H5N1 avian influenza response. The second involved coordinating and executing over 40 interviews with stakeholders in Indonesia. The third involved producing two analytical working papers and a book chapter, and the fourth, international dissemination and advocacy. Member of IDS/SPRU STEPS Centre multi-disciplinary epidemics project.

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