bubble groupInnovation, change & human performance

Consultant – Bubble Group Ltd (2005-2007). Developing communications strategy and producing newsletters, brochures, web content and exhibition materials to introduce Stage Gate processes for best practice in New Product Development. Activities included encouraging and enabling workforce transformation – the uptake and understanding of new processes for innovation – in a multinational healthcare manufacturer. Academic papers and position-pieces were also researched and drafted to legal sign-off.

edsysOnline content management

Director – Education Communication Systems Ltd (2002-2007). Leading the technical development and commercial deployment of an online authoring and content management system designed for local authority organisations and educational establishments. Responsibilities included requirements analysis, configuration, customisation and contracting of systems and support, and delivering change management processes, and accessibility and feedback surveys. User manuals, online help, and training materials and sessions were also designed and delivered, on and off site.

Cambridge Media LabMedia for learning

Director – Cambridge Media Lab Ltd (1998-2002). Producing online systems and content (digital video, audio and multimedia) for academic, educational, government agency and non-profit organisations. Client/co-production groups included: BBC Education, BBC Open University, BNFL, Cambridge University Press, Gonville & Caius College, Paramount Television, UK National Environment Research Council, Sheffield University, and the UK Office of the European Parliament. Two successful EU MEDIA Programme applications. Production processes centred on an iterative user-centred methodology involving scoping surveys, requirements analysis, prototyping, testing and user feedback. Activities included developing communications strategies, branding, content creation, commissioning, project management, training, and technical compliances and legalities.

Risk Management SolutionsPress & media management

Press office management for CARtograph Ltd (1996-1998), a UK science-orientated start-up, which quickly merged with RMS Inc, to become a world-leading supplier of catastrophe risk management systems and analysis. The role involved developing and delivering media strategy, action plans and budgets. Responsibilities included news monitoring, especially of natural catastrophes and GIS systems emerging in the insurance industry, writing press releases, press articles, news briefings and speeches; and developing a rebuttal system, a style-book, a web site, and protocols for internal/external information management and monitoring.