Throughout his life, Bill was quietly creative, working in multiple mediums – oil, pastel, charcoal, water colour – as well as with words. His most notable creations – collaborations – were with wood, and photographs of a small collection from over 30 years follow, along with a random set of works on paper. Very few have titles and none have dates. The wood is rarely specified but can be identified. The very first piece – unfinished – was placed by Bill in May 2024.

Conversation 2

Conversation 2 (detail)

Unusual work with stone (detail)

Early work (detail)

Bill read poetry – especially contemporary poetry – avidly, but his creations were private. The following was written – and shared – on the occasion of his and Sheila’s 65th wedding anniversary in July 2023.

The Excursion

In tandem we pedalled off, the end unknown.
Legs up and down, wheels round and round,
Straining uphill, coasting down
Changing seats from time to time.

Idling along country lanes, fields each side,
Trembling on busy roads, we supped at roadside caffs,
Saw roadworks, potholes, diversions extending our ride.
Never once did the wheels come off;
Odd punctures fixed with love and laughs.

Now we are here. Bike parked, rainproofs off,
We can sit with friends and family at ease.
Or, my love, is that another track I see
Beyond those trees?

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