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from The political economy of avian influenza in Indonesia (STEPS Working Paper 17, 2009)

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from To Pandemic or Not? Reconfiguring Global Responses to Influenza (STEPS Working Paper 51, 2012)

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from Conceptual Background, chapter 2 in Risk, modernity and the H5N1 virus in action in Indonesia (Sussex University doctoral thesis, 2012)

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from ’98 Key Words’: Actor, advocacy, agriculture, agribusiness, analysis, Behaviour, biopolitics, biosecurity, boundary, Change, communications, complexity, control, construct, culture, Data, development, disaster, discourse, disease, dynamic, Ecology, economics, emergence, empirical, environment, epidemic, epistemology, equity, ethnography, expertise, Fear, fieldwork, framing, Global, governance, grounded, Hazard, health, human, hybrid, Ignorance, Indonesia, infectious, influenza, innovation, institution, interdisciplinary, international, intervention, Jakarta, Java, Knowledge, Livelihoods, livestock, Media, modelling, modernity, Narrative, national, nature, network, ‘One health’, outbreak, Pandemic, participation, pathogen, pharmaceutical, policy, politics, power, Qualitative, quantitative, Reflexive, regulation, resilience, response, risk, Science, security, society, state, surveillance, sustainable, system, Technology, technocratic, transdisciplinary, United Nations, uncertainty, Vaccination, virus, vulnerability, World Bank, Zoonosis.

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from a full transcript of Barack Obama’s presidential acceptance speech on 7 November 2012.

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