Midnight manual


After a full life, Midnight, our beloved adopted dog, died on 15 November 2023. In her memory, here are our instructions for temporary carers.


Adventure: loves going to new places, especially by car, and meeting new people.
Affection: if she really likes you, she may jump to chest-bump, or hump your leg.
Aggression: she is very friendly and gentle with people, but can be aggressive with other dogs, especially small ones.
Barking: at home indicates cats on roof, visitor at gate, or other dogs passing; will bark at other dogs at their gates. One woof is a request to open a door.
Bones: very much appreciated, especially goat; insists on eating them outside.
Cars: should not be left in a hot car for long; always leave the windows open.
Cats: loves to chase cats for fun but will not attack them.
Danger: NO chocolate or chicken bones.
Escape: she does not wish to run away (see Roaming).
Food: one and a half scoops ONLY am and pm. A small cup of gravy/broth or a small amount of meat might be added. She must NOT be overfed.
Furniture: rarely allowed on the furniture.
Geography: knows her way around Bona.
Hygiene: loves a hosepipe bath every two or three weeks.
ID: on her collar and an unregistered microchip.
Jealousy: very jealous of other dogs; better not to fuss over them when with her.
Kittens: she should not be encouraged to chase small cats.
Petting: loves to have her head scratched and the bottom of her back rubbed.
Poo & pee: preferably outside, but the front garden serves, or in emergency, the upstairs terrace. Leave top door open.
Punishment: rarely required (see eating trash) but tap her head with (or just show her) a rolled newspaper if necessary.
Roads: she has some sense of traffic danger, but not enough.
Roaming: except for the trash problem, she may be allowed to roam occasionally. Knows her way home.
Scrounging: with food being prepared, or cleared, she will scrounge. Do not give in!
Shopping: happy to wait outside stores, especially on Karang Tengah (Indomaret, Century, Bona Photo etc); dog food available at ACE on the next block.
Sleeping: indoors or outdoors, but ONLY in the bedroom during the day.
Sniffing: like all dogs, she is a great sniffer. She knows where you have been and what you have done!
Sterilised: yes.
Trash: eating trash on the street is her only bad behaviour (and will possibly then vomit). NAKAL! GELEK!
Treats: small pieces of bread, meat, banana etc welcome; only once or twice a day.
Vaccination: fully up-to-date.
Vets: known by name at Jakarta Animal Clinic (021 790 2371) and more locally by Drh Indira (0816 1529 0945) who will visit at home.
Walking: her favourite activity, morning, early evening, and late at night (see Cats and Trash). Leash not necessary when the traffic is light.
Water: very important, especially when hot or after walking. Will happily drink from puddles, plant-pots, aircon drains etc when out.


Ayo – Let’s go, keep moving (walking)
Bobok – Time to sleep
Cepat – Fast walking
Darimana? – Where have you been? (complaint)
Dekat – Come here (stronger than Disini, with possible reward)
Depan – Keep in front (walking)
Di bawah – Underneath (eg chair in cafe)
Di belakang – Behind (esp in car)
Disini/kesini – Come here
Duduk-sit – Sit (sometimes; esp before treat)
Good girl – Praise
Hey! Stop! – Emphasis (eg traffic)
Hup – Jump (eg into car)
Jalan kaki – Go for a walk
Jaga rumah – Stay at home (also Jaga mobil)
Jelek – Ugly (stronger than Nakal, eg when eating trash)
Kanan – Turn right (walking)
Keluar – Exit (room)
Kenapa – Why? (mild complaint)
Kiri – Turn left (walking)
Kucing – Cat (to chase for fun)
Masuk – Enter (room)
Midnight – Name gets attention
Naik mobile – Prepare for car journey
Nakal – Naughty cf Jelek
Non! – Stop (bad behaviour)
Shhhh! – Be quite (rarely effective)
Sudah – Finished (eg treats)
Pintar – Clever (praise)
Pulang – Return home
Tennis – Location – Bona tennis courts
Tikus – Rodent (to chase)
Terus – Straight on (walking)
Tunggu – Stay/wait
Turun – Get down (eg furniture)
Yes-yes-yes – Prepare for walk

Using a lower pitch for any command is better than increasing volume.