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Selected Productions 1995-2001

Big Thinkers, a 30-minute educational video, a 1-hr audio product and a web site covering Systems thinking and practice (for the BBC and the Open University, Aug 2000 – March 2001).

Refuelling at the Catawba Nuclear Station in York, South Carolina, USA.

The Tsunami Initiative, a 150,000 word CPD web site produced in collaboration with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE), British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the National Environment Research Council (NERC): academic work on tidal waves worldwide (for NERC, Coventry University and University College London, 2000).

Taking Off, a 30-minute educational video with associated CD-ROM covering Human Computer Interaction (for the BBC and the Open University, Sept 1999 – April 2000).

Air traffic control at the USAF Yokota air base in Fussa, Western Tokyo.

Job Bank, an online careers and training guidance tool aimed predominantly at young people and non-graduates (for BBC Education, April 1998 – Feb 1999).

High Dose Chemotherapy – The Facts, a 25-minute patient information film for SUTV (BetaSp/Avid, location: Sheffield, May – June 1998).

Cambridge International Dictionary of English a 15-minute promotional video for Cambridge University Press showing how modern dictionaries are made, and how they are best used (DVCPro/Media100, location: Cambridge, Mar – April 1998).

Divide and Conquer, a 20-minute instructional video for eye surgeons on new techniques in cataract surgery (BetaSP/Avid, location: Sheffield, Nov – Dec 1997).

Surgical suite in Iaso Group hospital, Marousi, Greece.

Emergencies in Cancer Care, a 25-minute patient information film for SUTV (BetaSp/Avid, location: Sheffield, Oct – Nov 1996).

Working Together, a 20-minute public information video introducing one of the UK’s leading cancer hospitals (BetaSP/Avid, location: Sheffield, June – July 1996).

Some Place Like Home, a 25-minute documentary for the UK office of the European Parliament (BetaSP/Avid, location: Brussels and Strasbourg, Nov – Feb 1996).

The European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Crab Fair, a 20-minute documentary for NMS/Paramount on the annual festivities of a remote English village (BetaSP/Avid/D3, location: Cumbria, UK, Sept – Oct 1995).

Something in the Air, a six-minute public information video on asthma and air quality for NMS/Sheffield City Council (MII/BetaSP/Avid, location: Sheffield, August 1995).

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